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Web Developer Interview Questions ii. Contents. 1 Introduction. 1. 2 General Questions. 2. 3 HTML & HTML5 Questions. 4. 4 CSS Questions. 6. 5 Javascript. Find Best Online Html css javascript interview questions and answers pdf by top employers. Truelancer is the best platform for Freelancer and Employer to work. Top 60 HTML & HTML5 Interview Questions & Answers .. 46) What happens if you open the external CSS file in a browser? . Download PDF you should use javascript for that the input string you have taken e.g.

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Html Css Javascript Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

HTML, CSS, Javascript. +6. answers: InterviewQuestionsinfo//12/free- 2. . What are the most common HTML and CSS interview questions for a junior Java developer?. + Html+javascript Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is JavaScript? Question2: How is JavaScript different from Java? Question3: What's . A list of great front end interview questions for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and I will continue to add questions and improve the depth of the answers over time.

What are different types of Scope Chain available in JavaScript? If we check in the program, every local scope has a connection with one or more scope in their back which forms a chain. This chain goes on until it met with the global scope which is the root of this hierarchy. As global scope doesn't have a parent, so it is on the top of the chain. This is known as scope chain. The scope chain in JavaScript is basically used to resolve the values of the variable. Without this, it is difficult for a JavaScript to choose a certain value for a variable if there are many variables defined at different scopes.

Top 51 Javascript Interview Questions and Answers You Must Prepare in 2018

In strict mode, referencing a a this value of null or undefined throws an error. Disallows duplicate parameter values. Strict mode throws an error when it detects a duplicate named argument for a function e.

Makes eval safer. There are some differences in the way eval behaves in strict mode and in non-strict mode. Most significantly, in strict mode, variables and functions declared inside of an eval statement are not created in the containing scope they are created in the containing scope in non-strict mode, which can also be a common source of problems.

Throws error on invalid usage of delete. The delete operator used to remove properties from objects cannot be used on non-configurable properties of the object. Non-strict code will fail silently when an attempt is made to delete a non-configurable property, whereas strict mode will throw an error in such a case. Consider the two functions below.

Will they both return the same thing?

Why or why not? Rather: console. The reason for this has to do with the fact that semicolons are technically optional in JavaScript although omitting them is generally really bad form. As a result, when the line containing the return statement with nothing else on the line is encountered in foo2 , a semicolon is automatically inserted immediately after the return statement. This behavior also argues for following the convention of placing an opening curly brace at the end of a line in JavaScript, rather than on the beginning of a new line.

As shown here, this becomes more than just a stylistic preference in JavaScript. What is NaN? What is its type?

How can you reliably test if a value is equal to NaN? This special value results from an operation that could not be performed either because one of the operands was non-numeric e.

While this seems straightforward enough, there are a couple of somewhat surprising characteristics of NaN that can result in hair-pulling bugs if one is not aware of them. A better solution would either be to use value! Also, ES6 offers a new Number.

What will the code below output? Explain your answer. Numbers in JavaScript are all treated with floating point precision, and as such, may not always yield the expected results. Surprisingly, it will print out: 0.

The problem is that parseInt coerces its first parameter to a string before parsing digits. Therefore, once the number becomes sufficiently large, its string representation will be presented in exponential form e. OK, fine. The answer has to do with properly understanding JavaScript events and timing. The browser has an event loop which checks the event queue and processes pending events.

Design of button is UI, but interaction with button is UX. How to test website performance. Website performance play a major role. As per Think With Google website, a website is excellent id its loading time is under 5 seconds. A website is fair if loading time is 5 to 8 seconds. But a website is poor if loading time is more than 8 seconds.

Which one do you use typically? Does HTML needs compiler? Whereas Asp. They need a compiler or interpreter which can convert their code in machine language.

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HTML5 introduced semantic tags like header, nav,article,section, aside, footer and figcaption. These tags convey the containing content. It may seem harmless, but if you do this all over the place, you will soon find yourself in a big mess that you cannot get out of. Nothing else can override it, apart from another!

And so the cycle continues. How do margin, border and padding fit together in the box model? While the border is pretty self-explanatory, it can be somewhat confusing to see the difference between margin and padding.

The easiest way to understand is to look at a visual representation of it. Looking at the below image, the very centre rectangle is the size of your element. Immediately surrounding that is padding. Then comes the border, and only then comes the margin. This means that if your element has a background color, that color will also fill the padding.

Margin adds empty space around your element. That means that the aforementioned background color will not fill the margin. Interested in web development? Enter your email address Fonts Something that has almost always come up for me is the way you size your text, mainly focused on the units you use. Defining your font sizes in em allows you to change the size of your text based on the size defined at a higher level.

For example, if a container has specified a font-size of 2em, and you specify a font-size of 2em on an element inside that container, that element has an effective font-size of 4em! However, this can be a little confusing as you might not always see the size you expect!

It scales well in the browser, just like em and px, but it uses a base size.

Html css javascript interview questions and answers pdf Freelancers or Jobs

From that, all further rem values are calculated. For example, if your base rem value is equal to 16px, then 1rem will always be equal to 16px, 2rem will always be equal to 32px, and so on.

What are web safe fonts and fallback fonts? Not all operating systems and browsers have the same fonts installed. Web safe fonts are fonts that are commonly pre-installed on many computer systems, such as Arial and Times New Roman. Ubuntu , you should choose a web safe fallback font to display e.

UI Developer Interview Questions with Answers for freshers, experienced

Arial , followed by a generic font family e. Media queries How would you use media queries in a mobile-first approach? The most common approach is the mobile-first one. All styles outside of media queries are targeted at mobile devices. Then, through progressively larger media queries, you can style larger screens one step at a time. How do you handle browser differences in your user base?

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