Audible Downloads on the Nokia 8 Phone (Android) seem to be very slow. I decided to try a competitor. audio books on Google play. the. The last book I downloadd from Audible was downloading even slower than normal, so I did a test. I made sure my iPhone and my Mac were. You can adjust the narration speed of your Audible audiobooks by tapping on the Speed 1x option Narration Speed, narration, speed up, slow down, speed.

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    Audible Book Slow

    Get this book free when you sign up for a day Trial. Slow audiobook cover art Slow. Simple Living for a Frantic World. By: Brooke McAlary. Narrated by. Listen to a slow-burn romance on Spotlight On: Penny Reid. Beard Science Winston Brothers, Book 3 By: Penny Reid Narrated by: Joy Nash. when i download audio books from the download is slower than my cellular the books download super fast with no problems. first noticed this.

    In theory. In practice, this highlights one of the biggest flaws of the Apple Watch. It is slow. Glacially slow. If you want, for example, to copy a couple of gigabytes to the Apple Watch — after all, it comes with either 8 or 16 GB storage — the cellular Apple Watch 3 offered 16 GB, the GPS-only had 8, and the Series 4 comes with 16 GB for all models — you were best off doing it overnight. Copies to the Apple Watch seem to only go over Bluetooth, even though the device uses wifi for connectivity.

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    Shawn Sleigher 0 Posts 0 Reply Likes. All 2 Replies. Shawn, if you are NOT on an unlimited plan, then the video saver can be disabled on the Dashboard.

    Submit Cancel. Shawn, Hmmm, I haven't heard that before I'd like to look into it a bit. Can you send an email to us? ViasatListens viasat. I'm super curious now Jim16 Posts Reply Likes.

    Found this on another forum: It takes turning the computer and screen set to never sleep AND babysitting the connection throughout the hours it takes to download a single MB book And I can't surf the Net while it's downloading or it fails. Have spoken repeatedly about this problem with Audible, because it also happens when I'm downloading an audible book to my Kindle Fire. Their solution? It's not our problem.

    Thinking, Fast and Slow

    It's your ISP. Audible allows you to modify the speed from 0. Just keep in mind that a faster speed requires much more of your attention. And in certain books, especially novels, you may want to read at the default speed to get the best experience from a great narrator. You can view the catalog of over 65, Kindle books with Audible narration here.

    Kids or non-native speakers may find this especially helpful in developing their vocabulary. See all the read-along books for kids here.

    Slow (Audiobook) by Brooke McAlary |

    Audible will refund you Great narrators help stories come alive. But a terrible narrator makes for a terrible audiobook. From the date you download an audiobook, you have a whole year to return and exchange the book with no questions asked.

    You can see the catalog of Kindle Unlimited ebooks here and audiobooks here.